Posted by: Vasco | January 5, 2015

2014 in Film: IV



Restrained. Detached. Absurd. Seems to go nowhere… wait, this is supposed to be a favorites list…



Fincher’s usual surgical approach and dark tone(s) “damage” the satire and sleaziness of the material, but Amazing Fucking Amy comes to the rescue.



Social copyist and almost pedagogical, this is the Dardennes naturalistic style at its most accessible, meanwhile, Cotillard is subtle in her tragic delivery, functioning as a perfect martyr in her pilgrimage in search of values and human sacrifice.



It is easy to find any fact or element that takes us to our childhood or youth. A film that makes us look not to its character but for its exterior, the biotope that surrounds it.



A tale of human misery, but with an increasing look for personal, devastating individualism. Absent of criticism and social sketches, without morals or compassion for these creatures, the narrative is fiery and vibrant, accentuated by an agitated camera and Isao Tomita’s electronic score.

To be continued…


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