Posted by: Vasco | May 2, 2012


Babe: Pig in the City
George Miller, 1998

A masterpiece in limbo: underestimated by critics and serious cinephiles,  considered too obscure by the populace.
I mean, what kind of “family film” is this, where innocent characters suffer for no apparent reason and its world is portrayed as a frightful place to live?
Miller’s oppressive, post-modern city (an amalgam of famous landmarks)  is the perfect scenario for all this “apocalyptic” horror, and it’s no surprise his compositions are reminiscent of  German Expressionism; around every corner a new menace awaits…
Kudos to Miller, he had the balls to abandon the family friendly, pastoral tone of the first film.
“It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and there aren’t enough dogs to go around.”

Orwell would’ve been proud.



  1. Surely one of the most terrifying movies ever made!
    One moment in particular floored me: When a man at the airport helps Babe escape or something, and he turns to the camera revealing his own pigish facial features. The cynical implication being that altruism is constricted to empathy in the most Darwinian and least Christian sense. Really dire.

    Fantastically made film, of course.
    (this is Trip in case you didn’t know)

    • Of course I know it’s you, fool.

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