Posted by: Vasco | May 28, 2010

A Minha Viagem Pelo Cinema (30’s)

30. The Only Son (Ozu)
29. Duck Soup (McCarey)
28. Liebelei (Ophuls)
27. Las Hurdes (Buñuel)
26. Design for Living (Lubitsch)
25. Pépé le Moko (Duvivier)
24. Fury (Lang)
23. Olympia (Riefenstahl)
22. Le sang d’un poète (Cocteau)
21. A Story of Floating Weeds (Ozu)
20. Ninotchka (Lubitsch)
19. Zéro de conduite (Vigo)
18. The Story of the Late Chrysanthemums (Mizoguchi)
17. Gone With The Wind (Fleming)
16. The Wizard of Oz (Fleming)
15. Triumph des Willens (Riefenstahl)
14. Tabu (Murnau)
13. Zemlya (Dovzhenko)
12. La Règle du Jeu (Renoir)
11. Freaks (Browning)
10. La Bete Humaine (Renoir)
09. L’Âge d’Or (Buñuel)
08. Der Blaue Engel (von Sternberg)
07. L’ Atalante (Vigo)
06. Modern Times (Chaplin)
05. Vampyr (Dreyer)
04. La Grande Illusion (Renoir)
03. Alexander Nevsky (Eisenstein)
02. Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse (Lang)
01. M (Lang)

Frightening suspense, paranoia, panic and distorted camera angles… M remains the starting point for any psychological thriller.
Amazing performance by Peter Lorre.



  1. I kinda love the 30s. My Mizoguchi of choice is The Sisters of Gion, though I did like Chrysanthemums. M needs rewatching but I’m sure it’s near the top for me also. Ninotchka ❤ Liebelei ❤

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