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2014 in Film: Finale

I have a cold (and a terrible headache), I will append the text later.













The 2014 Vascamo Awards:

Directing: Lisandro AlonsoJauja

Cinematography: Thimios BakatakisBlind

Editing: François GédigierLa chambre bleue

Score: John PowellHow to Train Your Dragon 2

Sound: Gone Girl

Screenplay: Ebru Ceylan & Nuri Bilge CeylanWinter Sleep

Female Performance: Shailene WoodleyWhite Bird in a Blizzard

Male Performance:  Matthew McConaugheyTrue Detective | Haluk BilginerWinter Sleep

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2014 in Film: V



The film perfectly captures the claustrophobic relationships of the characters, both Julien with his wife and with his mistress, where even sex is perceived as crushing and distressing. The plasticity of the film’s images is precise, without being blatant, photography and editing are vital to extol the impeccable treatment of time and rhythm… A fragmented little gem.



Certainly works as a drama revolving around a great mystery; its atmosphere and music make it come alive as a chronicle of the 80s, nevertheless, Araki constructs a film saturated with purely organic lyricism. Shailene Woodley and Eva Green shine in their roles. 



Recovers the atmosphere of noir works of the 40s and 50s, a city space marked by crime and some pessimism. Instead of the light and shadow dance, colors surround these characters; the white snow shades cover the scenarios, but not freezes their souls.
Mysterious and engaging, silence reigns over dialogue to present an impressive restraint in exposing the plot… and the feelings of its characters.



On my school notebooks
On my desk and the trees
On the sand on the snow
I write your name

On all flesh that says yes
On the forehead of my friends
On every hand held out
I write your name

On absence without desire
On naked solitude
On the stairs of death
I write your name

On health returned
On the risk dissapeared
On hope without memory
I write your name

By the power of the word
I regain my life
I was born to know you
And to name you


Ruthless and unforgiving, a punch in the stomach of a Hollywood numbed by the illusion of a glamorous (and worker) paradise. Cronenberg’s acidic comment on the hollow narcissism of celebrity culture, wrapped in a feeling of fever dream populated by freaks and perversion is constantly sprinkled by a sordid sense of humor, on the verge of depravation, violently biting the hand that feeds it.



Ingrid, having recently lost her sight is still adjusting to the new reality. Has no desire to leave her apartment, she remains increasingly reclusive, lonelier, more introspective. Stays in her corner, next to the window, accompanied by her laptop and a cup of tea. Drenched in imagination, scenic creativity and blasts of narrative intelligence, its development is quite soft at the beginning and increases its pace gradually until a final full of substance(s), when the protagonist begins to blur more and more with her alter-ego, increasing its meta to more interesting levels, and Vogt abandons the classic rules commonly used in narrative cinema. The waywardness of “four” human beings interconnected by feelings and loneliness.

Top 5 soon.

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2014 in Film: IV



Restrained. Detached. Absurd. Seems to go nowhere… wait, this is supposed to be a favorites list…



Fincher’s usual surgical approach and dark tone(s) “damage” the satire and sleaziness of the material, but Amazing Fucking Amy comes to the rescue.



Social copyist and almost pedagogical, this is the Dardennes naturalistic style at its most accessible, meanwhile, Cotillard is subtle in her tragic delivery, functioning as a perfect martyr in her pilgrimage in search of values and human sacrifice.



It is easy to find any fact or element that takes us to our childhood or youth. A film that makes us look not to its character but for its exterior, the biotope that surrounds it.



A tale of human misery, but with an increasing look for personal, devastating individualism. Absent of criticism and social sketches, without morals or compassion for these creatures, the narrative is fiery and vibrant, accentuated by an agitated camera and Isao Tomita’s electronic score.

To be continued…

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2014 in Film: III



Assayas formulates a metalanguage analysis of the effect of time, art and its artists – commendable, but far from his best.



The film’s retro wave sonic landscape, 80s visual ambience, make the metamorphosis of its narrative eerily engaging. An admirable and unpredictable slow burner.



A (contemplative) revenge story, that relies more on images and sounds than words, and it is amazing how Almendras can examine so many themes, with an economy of words so extreme.



It requires patience to appreciate the clinical attitude of Hausner’s direction. Static (shots), intentionally corseted and austere, her immaculate mise-en-scène aggrandizes the singular, moody atmosphere of this “romantic comedy”.

To be continued…

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2014 in Film: II



Zooms of refined and ingenious humor. Sang-Soo continues to eschew (and/or experiment with) formal elements.



A hyper-stylized genre exercise through a thousand clichés, which, however, contribute favorably to the fun. I really miss Tony.



The myth of mother love, unspeakable desires… gradual and latent tension, this relationship culminates in an absolute need for destruction.



The theme of insanity – as a metaphor for women’s emancipation. Always exquisite, with some moments of pure visual brilliance.

To be continued…

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2014 in Film: I



  • more suspense
  • one or two paragraphs accompanying each entry




Corbijn’s most mature work, a tense, atmospheric thriller, slow pace contrasts with the restless camera. Its social commentary is insipid and the anti-American sentiment heavy-handed, but Hoffman is absorbing.



Eccentricities abound, but never become bothersome. More somber than fun(ny)… The Soronprfbs.



An unnecessarily intricate Shakespearean plot does not diminish the impact of its wider (violent) canvas. A cadenced choreography of fierce brutality.



Disparate tableaux under discreet, cunning gestures, Fedorchenko’s unusual aesthetic is certainly alienating. Art in its political context.

To be continued…

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2014 in Film: Intro


Here’s 2013 Revisited while you wait…

  1. Under the Skin, Jonathan Glazer
  2. The Immigrant, James Gray
  3. Stray Dogs, Tsai Ming-Liang
  4. A Touch of Sin, Jia Zhangke
  5. Only Lovers Left Alive, Jim Jarmusch
  6. Ida, Pawel Pawlikowski
  7. Paradies: Hoffnung, Ulrich Seidl
  8. Grand Central, Rebecca Zlotowski
  9. Fish & Cat, Shahram Mokri
  10. Before Midnight, Richard Linklater
  11. Història de la meva mort, Albert Serra
  12. Le passé, Asghar Farhadi
  13. Like Father, Like Son, Hirokazu Koreeda
  14. Nymphomaniac vols. 1 & 2 (director’s cut), Lars von Trier
  15. Enemy, Denis Villeneuve
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Ripping Off Trip – 2014 in Film


Films seen: 52
# of rewatches: 37

Tony Scott month

01. Domino (2005)
02. Beat the Devil (2002)
03. Revenge director’s cut (1990)
04. Deja Vu (2006)
05. Top Gun (1986)
06. Man on Fire (2004)
07. Unstoppable (2010)
08. Enemy of the State (1998)
09. Crimson Tide (1995)
10. True Romance (1993)
11. The Hunger (1983)
12. The Last Boy Scout (1991)
13. The Fan (1996)
14. Days of Thunder (1990)
15. Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)
16. The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3  (2009)
17. Spy Game (2001)
18. Loving Memory (1971)
19. Agent Orange (2004)
20. One of the Missing (1969)


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Ripping Off Trip – 2014 in Film


Films seen: 53
# of rewatches: 19

Top 10:

01. Teorema (Pasolini, 1968)
02. La pyramide humaine (Rouch, 1961)
03. To The Wonder (Malick, 2013)
04. Demolition Man (Brambilla, 1993)
05. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Gilliam, 1988)
06. Nymphomaniac: volume 1 & volume 2 (Trier, 2013)
07. The Wolf of Wall Street (Scorsese, 2013)
08. Sideways (Payne, 2004)
09. Blue Jasmine (Allen, 2013)
10. Pompeii (W.S. Anderson, 2014)


Watchmen: Ultimate Cut (2009, 70%) vlcsnap-2014-04-09-18h40m00s141

Sucker Punch: Extended Cut (2011, 70%)vlcsnap-2014-04-09-18h34m57s159

Dawn of the Dead: Director’s Cut (2004, 68%)vlcsnap-2014-04-09-18h44m18s85

300 (2006, 65%)vlcsnap-2014-04-09-18h18m24s222

Man of Steel (2013, 57%)vlcsnap-2014-04-09-18h25m50s44

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Ripping Off Trip – 2014 in Film


Films seen: 79
# of rewatches: 26

Top 10:

01. Muriel ou Le temps d’un retour (Resnais, 1963)
02. Zefiro Torna or Scenes from the Life of George Maciunas (Mekas, 1992)
03. The Horse Thief (Zhuangzhuang, 1986)
04. Room at the Top (Clayton, 1959)
05. Supervixens (Meyer, 1975)
06. Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (Tashlin, 1957)
07. Mr. Arkadin (Welles, 1955)
08. Memoirs of an Invisible Man (Carpenter, 1992)
09. Nebraska (Payne, 2013)
10. Moonlighting (Skolimowski, 1982)

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